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With 20 years of experience in the field, my aim is to provide impeccable service and value to producers and labels of all genres.


Ascended Mastering is piloted by Torin Goodnight, known for his imaginative works as Bird of Prey, and half of the duo Birds of Paradise. Torin is regarded as a pioneer in the realm of psychedelic bass music, with a unique style and keen attention to detail. His success is reflected by a multitude of top charting releases, and having performed at many prominent music festivals around the world. The idea to open up shop was sparked from being repeatedly approached by friends to help get their music optimized and ready for release. Fueled by a deep-seated passion for sound quality and service, he now finds one of his greatest rewards in helping others achieve their creative goals.

20 years of diverse work experience in the industry  |  Bachelor Degree in Sound Arts  |  High-profile mastering credits |  Accomplished producer  |  Professional performer


Aloka, Aquiver, Bird of Prey, Birds of Paradise, Chuck Bramlet, Cirqular, Desert Dwellers, Digitalis, DTO, Eli Spiral, Elven Artifakt, Essence Project, Gem & Tauri, Globular, Golden Triangle, Griffin Paisley, Hedflux, Hibernation, Humandala, Inukshuk, Itom Lab, Ixchel Prisma, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Kaya Project, Kinetic Distortion, Liquid Bloom, Lionel Ward, Living Light, Lucent Dossier, Luke Mandala, Lunar Symphony, Magma, Mandala Affect, Medisound, MitiS, Momentology, Mountain Goat, Myad, Mystral, NiT GriT, Photon A.D., Poly-Gone, Proton, Psilogod, Psymphonic, Random Rab, Reference 312, Ruckus, Sacred Alchemy, Sasha Rose, Seven Lions, Shakti Bass, ShaMANoiD, Shana, Sixis, Sonic Geometry, Spice Traders, Strange Substance, Stratusphere, Technoshamangelic, TEMPI, The Flying Mars, Traveler, Treavor Moontribe, Trivecta, Wattsun…




Kaya ProjectAlways Hope (Globular Remix)
Zero TheoryThe Fall


Utilizing an array of high-end signal processing tools in an acoustically treated environment


My aim is to effectively enhance your music by accentuating its strengths, addressing potential issues, and achieving the optimal balance between dynamic range and competitive loudness.  This will ensure that it sounds clear and consistent across a wide array of listening environments and performance applications.  I have experience working with a variety of styles, and understand the importance of catering my approach to meet the specific needs of each project.

I’ll provide feedback and let you know if there are any adjustments that would best be made on your end.  Please feel encouraged to include a reference track to give me an idea of what you’re after, and I’m always open to your input so we can be sure you come away feeling confident and inspired.



  • Spectral Balance
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Peak Compression
  • Harmonic Enhancement
  • Leveling


  • Bypass any processing on the master channel / do not normalize
  • Please provide 3-6dB of headroom / no clipping
  • Clearly name your files by artist, track, and mix name
  •  32 / 24bit WAV or AIFF files at the sample rate of your project
  •  Upload zipped files up to 2GB’s via WeTransfer

Level Up Your Sound

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have, or to place an order.
I look forward to working with you!

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